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Video: Dave Arnold Mixes Cocktails With Science at Booker & Dax


[Video: Jessica Leibowitz (mycameraeatsfood.com)]

Last week we showed you a bit of what's going on behind the bar at Booker & Dax, Dave Arnold's new technology-driven bar in the back of Momofuku Ssäm Bar. This time we're back to show you a few more of the techniques and equipment they utilize there.

When I hear that a bar or restaurant is using things like liquid nitrogen and centrifuges, my immediate reaction is to roll my eyes and think "gimmick." But to think that of Booker & Dax would be judging too soon. Despite their use of high-tech equipment, they remain a bar completely grounded in quality ingredients, balanced flavors, and a healthy respect for the classics. As Dave says, he's not into the "shotgun" style of bartending—that is, mixing a dozen different ingredients together—you're far more likely to find two to four ingredients cocktails at Booker & Dax. For him, technology is much more about purifying flavors and speeding up work flow than fancy special effects (of course, you get a bit of that too).

How does technology affect workflow? Here's a bit of background on what you'll see in the video:

Take a peek at the video below as Dave makes a Lady of the Night—a clear, stirred, sriracha-laced version of the Bloody Maria.

P.S. apologies for the sound quality—our audio file was corrupted.

[Videography & Editing: Jessica Leibowitz, Second Shooter: Andrew Rea]

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