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Behind the Scenes at Bully Boy Distillery

[Photographs: Jessica Leibowitz]

Although Bully Boy Distillery's official unveiling to the Boston public was just a month ago, the brand of spirits sure is burgeoning. Will and Dave Willis (yep, they're brothers) work in a small, shiny warehouse in the Newmarket district of Roxbury, Massachusetts, doing everything from selecting the organic wheat to hand-labeling each and every bottle.

Their current children: organic white (unaged) whiskey, white rum, and organic vodka. And they're expecting, too: a red winter wheat whiskey and a darker Boston rum cook away in wine barrels as we speak.


Area Four's very clean-tasting White Boy Manhattan: Bully Boy white whiskey, Cocchi Americano, and Regan's bitters.

While distribution's still limited to the greater Boston area, Bully Boy spirits are already integrated into cocktail menus at a number of Boston and Cambridge restaurants, including Area Four, Island Creek Oyster Bar, and L'Espalier.

Come along with us and check out the Bully Boy Distillery setup!

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