[Photograph: Carey Jones]

When you see a Caramel and Sea Salt Milkshake on a menu, you order it. It's the wise thing to do. This one from Hopdoddy (read more about the burgers on AHT soon), the hopping burger-and-beer hang in south Austin, is still more proof that the salty dessert phenomenon is not, and should not, going anywhere.

The creamy shake made with house-churned ice cream has a buttery, luscious caramel drizzled on top. After a few sips, you'll start chewing on cold little nuggets. Are those ice pebbles..no wait, sea salt! Big salt crystals are mixed into the almost-too-thick-for-a-straw shake.

This is the kind of milkshake for people who are usually more concerned with how salted their burger is than what's for dessert. And to take it to the next level: dunk the Hopdoddy's fries in there.


1400 S Congress Avenue, Ste A190, Austin TX 78704 (map); 512-243-7505

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