[Photograph: Christopher Lehault]

The pollen count is up, the necklines are down, and that can only mean one thing: summer is in full swing. During these warmer months, we trade braised short ribs for grilled lobster, roasted potatoes for crisp salads, and long runs on the slopes for lazy days on the beach.

Similarly, summer is the perfect time to put down heavy drinks and pick up a refreshing collins, punch, or breakfast cocktail. By using sparkling cider instead of soda water or sugary mixers, these summer cider cocktails combine the complexity of our winter favorites with a lighter body and lower alcohol. They pair perfectly with simple grillables, your latest CSA delivery, and Saturday afternoons poolside. But be careful, these are so guzzleable, you may drink the whole pitcher!

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Orchard Mimosa »

Lillet of the Valley »

Cider Sangria »

About the author: Christopher Lehault is a New Jersey-based cider journalist, craft beer documentarian, and home brewer. Follow his cider adventures on Facebook, Google+, and Twitter.

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