Until now, you could pretty much only try beers from Sixpoint Craft Ales on tap. Starting around Memorial Day, though, 16-ounce cans of Sweet Action, Bengali Tiger IPA, Righteous Ale, and The Crisp will be available in stores in New York City, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and the Philadelphia metro area.

Why cans instead of bottles? Brewmaster Shane Welch explains that it's really better for the beer:

For one thing, the beer is filled to the top while the lid is stamped on under pressure, so the beer is generally fresher than in bottles where a pocket of air still exists. As a result, the dissolved oxygen levels which create stale flavors in bottled beer are usually in higher concentration in bottles versus cans. Additionally, cans are impenetrable to ambient light unlike clear or tinted glass bottles.

We're longtime fans of cans, so we're thrilled about this development and looking forward to picking up a few four-packs.


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