[Photo: Robyn Lee]

Game day may not be the day for intense brews. You want to toss back a few with nachos or hot wings; it's not the day for beer you have to think about.

My choice? The latest Samuel Adams variety pack. I wish you could just pick a few from the pack, but you can serve the Boston Lager, White Ale, Revolutionary Rye, and Noble Pils to your guests, and selfishly sequester the Irish Red and Scotch Ale in a corner of the fridge that only you know about.

The Irish Red is silky and earthy; it tastes a bit like melted brown sugar over barley, but it's remarkably dry and light. Pair this drinkable beer with cheeseburger dip. The Scotch Ale is super malty but well balanced, with a dry finish and hint of smoke. It reminded us a bit of buttered rye toast; drink (several) with chili or pulled pork; the slight smokiness will fit right in.

Disclosure: These beers were a press sample provided for review.


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