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Five Great Tequilas to Drink on Cinco de Mayo


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While there's certainly nothing wrong with celebrating Cinco de Mayo by popping open a bottle of Corona to go along with your chilaquiles, there's plenty of exploration to do in the world of Mexican drinks. Tequila has been surging in popularity in recent years, and there are an unprecedented number of brands on liquor store shelves nowadays.

Unfortunately, the difference in quality between a cheap mixto tequila and a well-made 100-percent agave spirit can be as wide as the Mar de Cort├ęs, making it worthwhile to do a little research before reaching for your wallet.

We've recently discussed several good blanco and joven tequilas—here are another five brands, each of them 100-percent agave tequilas, and worth checking out this Cinco de Mayo.

Those are a few of the tequilas I may find myself sipping tonight. What are some of your favorites worth breaking out on Cinco de Mayo?

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